Antivirus and Privacy Protection

Every second, your computer is facing with viruses, hackers, and other malware. A security utility is one of the most important applications that you should install to the operating system at the first time when you get a new computer. Action now if you still have no security software on your computer. It's better late than never. IObit Advanced Systemcare Ultimate is highly recommended to protect your computer and privacy, as well as to optimize hardware and software to maximize its performance.
  • Security First: Quickly scan your hard drives for infected files with the BitDefender Antivirus Engine and easily switch on Windows Firewall.
  • Privacy Matters: Prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information.
  • Real-time Protection: Auto process threats or inform you when any threat found.
Antivirus Engines
IObit Anti-Ransomware Engine and the industry-leading Bitdefender antivirus engine works seamlessly to deliver full protection.
Privacy Shield
Put anything you want into the customized room and any untrusted access will be blocked. You may be also informed when unauthorized access detected.
Surfing Protection
Protect your web browsers against online threats, phishing attacks, cryptocurrency mining web pages, and annoying advertisements.

Almighty Cleaner and Optimizer

Besides antivirus and privacy protection, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate also comes with an array of cleaning and tweaking features to make your computer run faster. You're able to remove various types of junk files and fix all common issues in one click, as well as perform deep optimization to speed up your system.
  • Disk Cleaner: Analyzes your hard drive disk and remove unwanted files with ease.
  • Startup Manager: Manage items in the startup list to accelerate boot time.
Turbo Boost
One-click to speed up your computer by increasing system RAM memory.
Hardware Accelerate
Always keep device drivers up to date to make your machine stable and fast.
Plugin Cleaner
Clean toolbars and plugins to boost your Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

One Click to Update All Outdated Software

It takes lots of storage space to install software in your computer system. It also takes your lots of time to track and install software versions. Now IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate enables you to uninstall unwanted software without leftovers so that no space is wasted, and update your software to the latest or stable version automatically. If you have a long list of applications, this is exactly your favorite feature.
  • Software Updater:Easily check new version of your installed software and keep them up to date with one click.
  • Uninstaller: Remove stubborn software, bloatware, bundleware and anything you don't want. Also monitor what are changed while installing new apps.
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Extra Useful Tools

IObit is one of the best PC utility developers for over 15 years. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, as its indicates, gives you the best protection and optimization features you can find in a antivirus and optimizer application. It includes more useful tools than you could see in the first sight, in addition to the followings.
Internet Booster
Optimize settings of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Opera to receive smoother web browsing experience.
Disk Doctor
Find and fix errors found in your hard drive and the disk file system, in case of data loss and inaccessible hard drive.
Registry Cleaner
Clean up the Windows Registry database to avoid registry error which might be generated during software installation and uninstallation.

Compare Advanced SystemCare PRO and Ultimate

There are two paid editions of Advanced SystemCare: PRO and Ultimate. Generally speaking, the Ultimate edition adds antivirus features to the PRO edition. In other words, the Ultimate edition includes all features of the PRO edition. Check out details in the following table.

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Advanced SystemCare PRO
Free Download
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
Free Download
Antivirus Protection
Defend your system against virus, ransomware and any threats common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Privacy Protection
Ads block & privacy traces clean in web browsers basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Digital fingerprint protection against privacy leak basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Protect sensitive data and stop unauthorized access basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Erase files completely without ZERO chance to recover basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
System Clean and Protection
One-click to clean junk files and fix common issues basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
One-click to scan and fix weakness of computer basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Deeper clean and error fix of registry    
Stop online threats from malicious websites and annoying ads basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Real-time protection from online and offline threats basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Protect your PC from unauthorized access and record the intruders with camera basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Update outdated software to keep them safe and stable basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Recover files that you deleted accidentally or lost due to various scenarios basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Computer Performance
Up to 3x faster Internet speed using Internet Booster basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Up to 2x faster PC boot with Startup manager basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Optimize hard disk for quicker system performance basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Auto RAM clean for faster PC by terminating unnecessary processes basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Update device drivers to fix bugs and avoid crushes basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
One-click to fix all found Windows bugs and problems basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Technical Support
Automatically update to the latest version for free basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Free 24/7 support on demand basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Note: For Mac users, please download MacBooster which comes with a similar uninstaller tool for macOS 10.9 or later (compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur). Free Download Free Download

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

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