One-click to Scan Outdated Software

Outdated software installed in your system might contain security holes. It's usually necessary to update all of software to the latest version, or remove them if you don't need them any more to fix the bugs and release disk space. Of course can you check out updates manually and then download and install updates yourself, but IObit Software Updater provides you an much easier way to do these jobs automatically, protecting you from potential attacks.
  • Click Scan to check if a new version of your program is available.
  • One click to install updates without a web browser required.
  • Automatically download and install newest programs in the Auto Update List.

Download & Install Top-quality Programs Safely

IObit Software Updater not only scans your operating system for outdated software, but also provides you with reliable packages from safe sources so as to avoid bloatware, adware and even ransomware.
  • Install multiple programs with one click.
  • Includes hundreds of top-notch programs in categories like security, multi-media, entertainment, productivity, browsers, social, etc.
  • Added Remote Work Tools such as TeamViewer, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc. to work safely at home away from Coronavirus.

Update Notifications & Safe Installation

Depending on your settings, IObit Software Updater will inform you when an update is released or move a step forward - download and install any new updates silently.
  • Automatically create a system restore point before installing updates.
  • Automatically delete downloaded installers/setup files after updating.
  • Follow strict updating processes to guarantee new installation without bundles or even malware.

Compare IObit Software Updater Free and Pro

IObit Software Updater Free version scans outdated software in your system, taking use of a large software updates database. While the free version of software updater has some limits, for example, update 2 programs per day, the Pro version of software updater gives you better support for maintaining an up-to-date software center without effort.

Choose the best software updater for Windows and Mac

Software Updater FREE
Free Download
Software Updater PRO
Free Download
Malware Scan and Removal
One click to update outdate software to the latest/stable version 2 per day Unlimited
One click to download and install top-notch programs good malware scanner better malware remover
Automatically keep desired programs up-to-date great malware scanner better malware remover
Set a schedule to update software on demand great malware scanner better malware remover
Ads in IObit Software Updater good malware scanner great malware scanner
Automatically create a system restore point before installing updates good malware scanner better malware remover
Lifetime free upgrade great malware scanner better malware remover
Free 24/7 support on demand great malware scanner better malware remover
Note: For Mac users, please download MacBooster which comes with a similar uninstaller tool for macOS 10.9 or later (compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur). Free Download Free Download

IObit Software Updater Free

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