Set Password to Hide & Protect Documents

It's always a good idea to hide your important documents and set a password so that anyone without a password can't find them, and/or make changes to them. This way, crucial data and privacy are well protected. Did you ever delete important files by mistake? With IObit Protected Folder, this would not happen again. Using this folder protector, even ransomware could not access your protected files.
  • Lock options could be anyone or combination of Hide, Deny Write and Deny Read.
  • Use a password hint to help you remember the master password.
  • Use an Exclude List to avoid locking system files and folders.

We Protect Your Privacy

Everyone has private files on computer, which can't be accessed by any one else except you. By setting up your password and keeping it as a secret, IObit Protected Folder defends your private folders and files.
  • Password-protect unlimited folders and files with a master password.
  • Easily change the password regularly.

Stay Away from Virus & Malware

IObit Protected Folder is a virtual safe-box that protects your files from malware like ransomware and spyware. Your password is the only key to open this safety box. Anyone else and any application can't access protected folders and files without the key.
  • Easily unlock folders and files when the lock is unnecessary.

IObit Folder Protector

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