Less Fragments, Faster Disk Drive

Disk fragmentation is one of most common reasons for slow computer. With less fragments, your computer will be faster to access files, boot up and load games. IObit Smart Defrag can automatically analyze your disk for fragments and enables you various methods to defrag drivers, files, folders and games. Besides Smart Defrag, you also have defrag methods such as Fast Defrag, Defrag and Optimize, Large File Defrag, Free Space Defrag, and Defrag & Prioritize Files. By clicking the Smart Defrag button, IObit disk optimizer will analyze your disk drives at first, and then use the most suitable defrag method to defragment fragments automatically.
  • Auto Analyze: Scan your disk drives when your system is idle and inform you.
  • Auto Defrag: Automatically perform defragmenting when fragment rate reaches at a specified value, using the specified defrag method.
  • Supports HDD and SSD. The latter requires trimming instead of defragging.

Boot Time Defragmenting

Generally, system files, registry files, page files, hibernation files, MFT (Mast File Table), cannot be defragmented when the system is running. However, with Boot Time feature, you're able to defrag these files before system startup. Get Smart Defrag to speed up PC boot time at once.
  • Defrag MFT, page files and hibernation files for free.
  • Defrag registry files and system files (PRO version required)
  • Add specified files to be defragmented while system is running.

Built-In Game Booster for Free

IObit Smart Defrag is a very good choice if you're a veteran gamer. It gives you a helpful game booster to decrease load time of specified games by defragging game files. Simply add your desired games to the list and you're done. Smooth game experience guaranteed.
  • Supports any PC games.
  • No limit on quantity of games.
  • Get professional game booster with more features if needed.
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More Tools for Peak Disk Performance

Different from usual disk defragment tools, IObit Smart Defrag not only equips with industry-leading multi-threading defrag engine, but also includes useful tools like disk cleaner, disk health indicator and UI customization.
Disk Cleanup
Junk files might slow down your computer. Use the built-in disk cleaner to remove temp files, log files, error files, Windows update caches, etc.
Disk Health
Disk metrics like temperature, usage, write speed, read speed, and disk self-monitoring analysis report will be displayed in real-time.
Custom UI
You're able to change skins for this disk optimizer and customize the map color, including fragments, free space, master file table, and so on.

Compare IObit Driver Booster FREE with PRO

IObit Smart Defrag FREE is usually enough to do basic defragmentation. You can even replace Windows Disk Defragmenter with Smart Defrag as the default disk defragmentation tool in the Settings panel. Get the PRO version if you find it necessary to do better disk defragging automatically.

Choose the best disk optimizer for Windows and Mac

Smart Defrag FREE
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Smart Defrag PRO
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Windows Disk Defragmenter
One click to defrag your disk drives intelligently good malware scanner better malware remover
Make a schedule plan to do disk defragging good malware scanner better malware remover
Auto defrag your disk based on specified fragment rate and idle time. great malware scanner better malware remover
Auto analyze your disk drives and suggest suitable defrag methods good malware scanner better malware remover
Disk and PC Performance
2X faster file access speed great malware scanner better malware remover
Smoother gaming experience good malware scanner better malware remover
Windows boot time speed up great malware scanner better malware remover
Faster and more stable data copy and transfer great malware scanner better malware remover
Auto defrag selected files and disks good malware scanner better malware remover
Platinum Services
Automatically update to the latest version of disk optimizer great malware scanner better malware remover
Free and professional 24/7 technical support great malware scanner better malware remover
Note: For Mac users, please download MacBooster which comes with lots of disk tools for macOS 10.9 or later (compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur). Free Download Free Download

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