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Uninstall Anything Unwanted Easily

Have trouble in removing newly installed software? Windows Store apps won't uninstall? Got annoying notifications while using web browser? IObit Uninstaller can help you resolve these problems without effort. It's one of the best uninstaller software created to remove unwanted programs, stubborn software and bundleware without leftovers. With it, you're able to get a clean operating system without junk files, unnecessary files and useless registry items. It not only uninstalls applications, but also speeds up your computer.
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Make Web Browser Clean and Fast

As the best uninstaller for Windows and Mac, IObit Uninstaller can also help you delete web browser plugins and toolbars. Web browser is usually the most frequently used program on your computer. Malicious toolbars and plugins could steal your private data and sensitive information by reading web browser cookies. With IObit Uninstaller, you can easily detect suspicious toolbars and plugins, and remove them before your information is stolen. The Browser Notification Block tool can even let you disable annoying pop-up notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. In all, IObit Uninstaller guarantees you a safe and fast web browser.
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Monitor Installations and Boost Your Computer

It's not good enough just to do program removal. To give you total control of your operating system, IObit Uninstaller records system changes during program installation, like Added Service, registry entries and DDL registration. To avoid attacks on outdated software and system bugs, IObit Uninstaller also provides you a solid software updater to upgrade the installed software to the latest version.
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Differences Between IObit Uninstaller Pro and Free Version

IObit Uninstaller includes two versions: Free and Pro. Uninstaller Free is enough for most cases, while Uninstaller Pro gives you more options and saves you much time.

Choose the best uninstaller for Windows and Mac

IObit Uninstaller FREE
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IObit Uninstaller PRO
Free Download
Force Removal and Clean Removal
Basic software removal and cleaning basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Premium app uninstallation and file removal common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Delete bundled programs and plug-ins while uninstall main program common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Detects and removes stubborn programs common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Detects and remove malicious plug-ins common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Detects and uninstall advertising plug-ins common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Remove the latest Universal Windows Platform Apps on Windows 10 basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Remove Windows Apps under non-administrative account basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Complete Uninstallation
ZERO leftovers: remove junk files and unnecessary files in one click. basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Clean leftovers after incomplete uninstallation with other uninstallers. basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Monitor system changes during software installation. basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Restore system changes while uninstall logged programs. basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Auto delete leftovers that cannot be deleted by other uninstallers. common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Safer and Faster Computer
Block site notifications for better web browsing experience basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
One-click to update all outdated software common uninstaller pro uninstaller
One-click to check status of all installed software in Windows basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Force Uninstall: Remove stubborn and broken software basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Hunter Mode: Use the gun target to uninstall selected program basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
File Shredder: Drag and drop to remove files permanently basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
List all Windows updates installed on your operating system basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
System restore: create restore point and easily undo all changes basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Add File Shredder button to Windows XP / Win 7 Explorer basic uninstaller pro uninstaller
Comprehensive Services
Update to the latest version for free automatically common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Free 24/7 support on demand common uninstaller pro uninstaller
Note: For Mac users, please download MacBooster which comes with a similar uninstaller tool for macOS 10.9 or later (compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur). Free Download Free Download

IObit Uninstaller

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